Earth-Friendly Chef: the Kitchen Compost Crock

Ceramic Kitchen Compost CrockWant to lessen your carbon footprint or do something right for the environment?  Try composting!

Composting really is just recycling for food!  It can be tricky, but really isn’t hard to do when you have the proper tools and little knowledge, and the right kitchen compost crock icon.  The benefits can be enormous.

I got into composting as a way to strengthen the immune systems of my sego palms.  I had read that coffee grounds helped deter the white scale that infects these plants.  It works!  From collecting my coffee grounds in this kitchen compost crock iconit was just a matter of time before I wanted to expand my composting efforts.

I compost all vegetable scraps and spoiled fruits and vegetable.  Every other day I move the biodegradable bag from the kitchen compost crock icon and deposit it in my worm composting box outside.  The benefits have been multiplied by knowing I’m doing something good for my garden and not letting my “compost gold” rot at the landfill.

The coffee grounds go straight to a rain barrel where they soak with rain water to create a caffine-based insecticide that kills mealy bugs, scale, aphids, whiteflies, spider mites.

In the compost bin I college all vegetable stems, peels and leaves which I mix with shredded paper (the Sunday paper and office scraps).  I spend 10 minutes every week to turn (mix) the contents and this yields several pounds of usable compost soil during growing season.

In my small garden I grow heirloom tomatoes and peppers.  I also have an extensive fresh herb garden in hanging baskets.  Even this small effort saves me $300-$500 each year.  My sego plants, they look great thanks for the coffee recipe that protects them from cyad scale!

More than 30% of all the garbage in landfills is made up of food waste from residential communities. All those food scrapes in plastic bags will never compost properly.  Instead they create pounds of ethylene gas that actually damages the environment, ozone and adds to the global warming influence.

Composting is good for your budget, your garden and your soul!  These are just the measurable benefits:

  • Lowering your carbon foot print
  • Enriching your garden soils
  • Building the immunity of your plants and shrubs with nature’s nutrients
  • Saving money on industrial fertilizers and pest control
  • More bountiful harvests in your own garden and more beautiful blooms and shrubs

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