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Chicken Fajitas – My Weekly Healthy Spicey Pleasure

Here’s the beloved classic chicken fajitas recipe you can make at home.  It’s tasty and the entire family will love it.  It’s healthy (depending on the toppings you choose to add).  It’s economical.  So a a weekly chicken fajitas night … Continue reading

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Asian Salmon – Ina Garten’s

Suddenly my tastes have all run to the Asian culture.  My family always told me they don’t like salmon.  I’ve tried many recipes to get them to eat more of the oily fish, and I’ve failed each time because usually … Continue reading

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Poached Eggs: The best of way to poach and serve eggs

The perfect cooked egg is the most difficult task in the kitchen and most necessary.  An under cooked egg is not appetizing.  An over cooked egg — scrambled or otherwise — is inedible. Poached eggs are an elegant breakfast or dinner.  When … Continue reading

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Vegetarian Chili

I owe this one to and they apparently got it from the WomenHeart’s All Heart Family Cookbook.  Wherever it comes from, it’s worth repeating.  Yummy!  Satisfying and just perfect for a cold day!  Tons of soluble fiber and under 300 … Continue reading

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