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It’s a little intimidating choosing to write a food blog.  There are so many great blogs out there about cooking and eating healthy.  But I decided to write this blog to tell a story.  In the last three years I’ve been diagnosed with melanoma, high blood pressure, fatty liver disease.  I think when we are young there is an ability to think we are invincible.  That life will go on even in the face of, or despite, our abuses.  When good health actually does start to crumble, for whatever reason, we begin searching for answers outside and inside ourselves.

With a few little changes — and there are many more to come — I’ve begun to feel much better.  The  smallest maneuvers like removing processed sugar from my diet or adding a lot of raw foods has made a huge difference in my energy and my mental state.  I’ve read Dr. Andrew Weil’s thoughts on the immune system and diet.  I’ve taken a good look at Carol Alt’s beauty and how she attributes that to a lifetime of eating raw.

I’ve been on most of the popular diets and I now understand that diet is the problem. The correct  term is lifestyle.  The food choices are paleo, gluten free, low calorie and most important, not processed.

Join me on my journey to become healthy.  It’s possible even with a busy schedule, picky eaters and little cash!



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